NIMT Online PGDM Courses In Marketing & Finance

PGDM from National Institute of Management and Technology is offered by the distance education branch of NIMT named edX. The Post Graduate Diploma in Management is not an MBA degree since NIMT is an autonomous and independent body which means it is not affiliated to any University. The course curriculum is intensively designed to meet the demands of the challenging environment. The curriculum is updated on a regular basis and hence the courses are more industry relevant in comparison to the regular MBA courses.

National Institute of Management and Technology offers nine specialisations in its PGDM. The diploma is approved by University Grants Commissions and the examinations are held in all the major cities of the country. The distance education branch of NIMT also provides books for preparation and the price is included in the course fee. All the courses are delivered by online self paced content and live sessions to provide an in-depth understanding of the course.

Procedure of Examination:

The examinations for all the PGDM courses are held twice in a year in the month of September and March. Students can sit for an examination in any one of the registered information centre. The end of the semester examination will test a student’s analytical and theory based conceptual knowledge through the means of essay type questions. They will attempt problem solving exercise.
About the evaluation system, the students should have secured at least 40 percent in each of the end of semester examination while the overall pass percentage of a subject stands at 45 percent. Grades will be provided according to the marks obtained.

The students can avail grace marks in at most three subjects and at least in one subject. In an academic year, a student can get 3 marks under grace in about two modules. After the declaration of the ESE results, a provisional mark sheet will be issued and the final mark sheet will be given to the students after the results are declared which will include the assignment marks at the end of the academic session.

The student should be a graduate degree holder of an undergraduate diploma holder to be eligible for admission in the programs offered by NIMT. Here are the two PGDM courses offered by the online education branch of NIMT discussed in detail:

Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management 

PGDM in Financial Management is a two year full time program offered by the distance education branch of NIMT. It is and UGC,DEB and AICTE approved program. The course structure is meant to give you an insight and help you attain expertise in the financial records and statements of the company. The program employs research and analytical skills which are distributed by the Advanced Corporate Reporting module. The students will also gain knowledge about the application of management accounting and performance analysing methods which are effectively applied to real-life companies. Development of a strategic and comprehensive vantage point in the arena of financial management is the primary objective of the program.

With a duration of six months each, the course is bifurcated into four semesters. The course can be completed in a minimum of two year duration and maximum in three years.

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management PGDM Marketing Management

The program is again offered by NIMT, Greater Noida and comes under the distance education branch of edX. The post graduate diploma in Marketing Management is a two year full time program which is approved by AICTE, UGC and DEB approved program. To globally learn expertise in the field of marketing management, the PGDM course helps the students to develop their skills and capabilities to match up to the marketing needs. The program inculcates professional insights and strengthens the decision making skill in the students to help them develop their personality in a professional sense. It also helps the students hone their managerial skills. The emphasis is laid on concept based and reasoning backed analytical study which empowers the students to attain insights into the business domain. PGDM in Marketing Management tops the ranks amongst other preferred courses.

Be it a lower stage management firm or some top notch company, Marketing is the heart of any organisation and is essential for the survival. It acts as the fuel to the car. The role of the marketing department in a company is to develop an understanding about the product and pricing and then formulate a strategy for its promotion. These kind of activities in turn help in checking out the feasibility of bringing out a new product in the market which can be achieved by conducting surveys and researches based on the product.

The better marketing and promotion activities are conducted by the organisation, the more increase is there in the sales and revenues of the commodity and hence there are umpteen number of benefits of enrolling in the PGDM Marketing course. There is no scarcity of job opportunities in this field provided that the student has a lot of self confidence, knowledge and is willing to adapt to the dynamic environment of the company. There are a myriad of companies who are looking at talented students who have completed their diploma in marketing management. The course is split into four semesters of 6 months each and is of a duration of 2 years maximum.